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Why would you vacation in a Hotel room, Without a living room, without a separate bedroom, without a kitchen and no other amenities, other than a pool?

Especially when you can save money over most Hotels!

Timeshares are usually at the beach... on the lake... at the ski slopes. They often have other amenities like pools (even indoors) game rooms, pool tables, foosball, air hockey, tennis courts, and many other things to do.

Why rent a single room in a hotel? When you can get a luxurious timeshare with a separate bedroom, living room and kitchen for only $99 a night… In most cases.

  • All rentals are full week rentals only.

  • From a Friday to a Friday or a Saturday to a Saturday or Sunday to a Sunday.

  • My rental fees are typically "all that you pay" other than a fully refundable security deposit from your credit card at the desk when you check-in.

  • There are usually no other fees that you pay when you get there.

  • Most resorts do not accept pets unless they are service pets.

  • You are never expected to go to any presentation through any of my rentals

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