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Thank you for showing interest in our services, I hope we can be helpful to you. I also hope that the above video has answered a lot of your questions.

I don’t keep a lot of inventory to offer you but I can get just about anything you want. If you just fill out the form below letting me know what you’re looking for I will try to get it for you. With few exceptions… I will try to get you a timeshare for that fit your needs for free

You just may have to wait till next year to use it, but in the meanwhile I can rent you one for this year. I recommend that we have a telephone conversation so that I can have a clear understanding of what you want but this form is a good start

So you just tell me what it is you’re looking for and I will go out and beat the bushes for you. I not only look out on the retail market but I also have many other connections. I will always try to get you into the timeshare for free but if that’s not possible I will do my best to keep the costs to a minimum.

Let’s fill the form out so we have an idea of what you want.