Talk Timeshares with Doug

Learn about Timeshares, make an informed decision!

1. Introduction

Who I am and why do I like Timeshares?

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Please be patient while the videos load.

2. Timeshare BASICS 101

This is the beginning, the best place to start. This will introduce you to the other videos and their topics.

3. Deeded Timeshares VS Points

The advantages and disadvantages of both types.

4. Explaining Trading Companies

How trading companies can help you, even if you don't trade.

5. Which Timeshare is right for you?

Examine all the factors before you buy.

6. Can I really Save Money?

Spend less, get more.

7. Working it

Getting the most with the least amount of money.

8. Should I Switch to Points?

Are you being asked to switch?

9. Where to Look to Buy a Timeshare?

Places you can look... besides a presentation.

10. Help at a Presentation.

Take your prize and run. How to make your presentation shorter.

11. How to Get Out

What you can do to find a buyer economically.

12. Transferring details.

What are the steps in changing ownership.

13. A Different kind of Timeshare

Like a mutual fund of timeshares.

14. Why I'm in the business

This is not a goldmine.
Why do I do it?

15. Do you want to do what I Do?

It's a lot of work for a little reward, but here it is.